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Pulse Radio Podcast 170 April 2014 - Nastia


Nastia о дебютном EP “Maslo”, гастролях и юбилейной пати в Арме в интервью для Pulse Radio.


И конечно же подкаст) Enjoy!

First off, can you tell us about your mix for the podcast? How did you approach it?

>>> I don’t like to make podcasts ) They make me stress. This one: I was just choosing records nearly in the same rhythm to make it complete for the 1 hour trip. I like when it’s just groove, but not boring one. I made this podcast easy and quick, so I was surprised by myself, cause usually it takes more time.


I understand you used to not seem to be interested in producing, only DJing, yet you recently dropped your debut solo EP, “Maslo,” in November. What changed? And did you enjoy the experience? 

>>> I enjoyed it of course. But I am still about DJing ) I am not a producer.. I like to work on music at the studio, but my life is a bit difficult for producer  I don’t have much time to lock in the studio, cause I have my family – my daughter and a lot of gigs, so I am or traveling like a crazy, or busy with home-family stuff, organizing everything to be ready to leave the house again.. It’s not easy to be a mum and touring DJ to be honest.. So I don’t push myself and waiting for the right moment to continue producing. But not yet )

How did the EP come about?

>>>I was working with my friend Alex in Kiev. We were just making projects. We have a lot of not finished projects together, but we had some of them ready and my friend from Nilla wanted to release me, so everything we made I sent to him and in the end he choose Maslo and Moment. And I was glad about idea to have Fumiya for remix, cause I love him and we are kind of friends  I like Maslo, it’s interesting and melodic. Moment is darker.. And remix from Fumiya is very intelligent I think.

Can we expect more productions in the future from you?

>>>Probably ) I just need to stop myself to confirm all the bookings I have for at least a month.

I’ve read that you feel like Arma17 was like more than a club. Can you explain what you meant by that, and are you still a resident there?

>>> Ah yes.. You know, I am answering on your questions 2 days before Arma17 has it’s 6th Birthday.. and it’s the last party on this location ever. So my heart is crying, cause it’s the most beautiful club I’ve ever see and visit in my life. And yes, for sure it’s much bigger than just a club. It’s a full of different kind of art project, it’s a friendly family, it’s just something what you can’t see anywhere besides this place. And I will miss this place so much.. It’s the point in a history, legend. Arma17 is in my heart and I am proud and honored to be a resident of it since 2010. 

As your gigs have increased, have you found any other clubs you feel similarly about? 

>>> Similarly? - No. The rest of my favorite clubs are proper clubs, but just a clubs )

You played at Sankeys Ibiza twice last year, including closing party. Was that your first time paying in/coming to Ibiza? And how did you like it?

>>> Yes, I did. Unfortunately I didn’t find Sankeys Ibiza as MY club. I didn’t feel it that much.. Somehow it was difficult for me to make connection with people and create energy, atmosphere I wanted.

Any plans on coming back this season? If so, do you know where yet?

>>> Oh yes ;) I have some good plans for Ibiza this year. Can’t announce it right now, but it’s definitely something I am happy about.

Finally, what’s next for you?

>>> Next release on my label Propaganda Rec. and summer ! 


>>> Thank you too guys !

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