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Yaz mix for Yoodj's


Очередной подкаст для нас записал мой загадочный друг из Монреаля). Знакомьтесь - yazcine!) Enjoy!

Yaz mix for Yoodj's by Yoodjs on Mixcloud

Few words about yourself, where are you? My name is Yaz, I am a Montreal techno and house DJ who started his career in 1993, participating in many small gatherings, where I built my name. I started performing in big rave parties. In 1996 I opened my own record store, which was supported by many DJs. In 1998, I was recruited as a resident Dj every Friday with Dj Tiga, in one of the most prominent club in Canada, the club Sona, playing with DJs guests such as jeff mills, Adam Beyer, Marco Carola to name a few... .....In 2001, I left the club Sona for the Aria night-club where I was a dj for 5 years, when my best friend Miko left USA to settle in Montreal, we started a label called Edit Recordings, which received support from Laurent Garnier, Marco Carola, Michel De Hey... In July 2007, a fire burned all my vinyl collection. At that moment I decided to hang up ... I'm still passionate about music but just for pleasure!!! I like jazz, classical music, ambient, electronica, techno, deep house, world music, indie.

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