11xxx27 - Special for YooDj's

11xxx27 – Special for YooDj’s

Erminio Granata through his aka 11xxx27 expresses enveloping and dark ambients, industrial-noise vibrations, he tells stories or feelings, or even what he surrounds.

— Tell, please, about yourself. What aroused your interest in electronic music?
— My interest in electronic music started at the age of sixteen when I started listening to the first dj sets recorded on cassettes and CDs of parties that took place in Naples and in Italy.
Even if at that age I didn’t attend clubs yet, I was intrigued by this world and I listened through my older friends the most famous DJs of the electronic scene of those years; or still I saw posters of parties and I documented myself looking for tracks or dj set of the DJs that performed in my city and in Italy. I was influenced by various musical movements that embraced the electro/progressive, techno, minimal and house scene.
Over the years my influences have been directed towards the techno and electronic current with various sub-genres such as industrial, noise, EBM, ambient and drone.

— Is your education related to music?
— Before approaching electronic music and taking my first steps as a DJ I studied classical guitar since childhood and then move on to the study of blues guitar.
I was part of a small band formed by my friends of the same age who shared the same passion as me.
I always felt the music as an integral part of my life, I remember that as a child I enjoyed listening to the vinyl and cassettes that my father collected, or follow him in concerts or recording studios where his friends played.

— How did you understand that you want to make your own music?
— Ever since I played the guitar I have always tried to create something of my own, when I started to approach the world of electronics and to understand that DJs played productions of different artists I started to enter into the world of production both out of curiosity and as a hobby.

— Tell about INFIDEL BODIES. What’s the idea of the label?
— INFIDEL BODIES was born in February 2017, when I and Marika (co-owner) felt the need to express our preferences through our channel that proposed different genres, released in cassettes / digital and had the particularity of creating a real story around each release, starting from music and building around it an entire concept based on images, videos and gadgets.

— Say a few words about your latest release “No Hope, No Fear”.
— The idea of creating this album was born from the creation of some collages dealing with social/political themes (which later became the zine of the project).

— Please, describe how your creative process is going on – from idea to realization.
— I thought that it would be interesting to create a musical content that would resume and remember the environments of desolation and destruction of war.
So I started watching documentaries, sampling sounds from them, voices of lamentation and despair and other mood-related sounds. Some of those songs were recorded during my live performance at an event with Drew McDowall, and I produced and recorded the other works in the following months in my home studio.

— What kind of hardware do you use?
— In my setup there are various instruments: Soundcraft Spirit FX8 analog mixer (old series), Lexicon Mpx 550 multi-effect rack, Boss OD-20 drive zone pedalboard, Korg Electribe Sx sampler, Korg Electribe Sampler 2 sampler, Roland Sp 404 sampler, Access Virus rack (which unfortunately I no longer have), Volca Bass, various pedals and midi controllers that I use with the help of VST and Ableton.
Currently I’m looking for polyphonic synths even if I love to work with samplers for their endless possibilities.

— What are you working on now and what do you plan in the near future?
— Since the birth of INFIDEL BODIES, I’ve been dedicating more time to the label than to music production, but in the meantime, I’ve been creating various projects.
I’m currently recording new tracks with the project Hyperlacrimae (that I have with my friend Carmine Laurenza aka Nocturnerror), soon will be out my remix to Stanislav Tolkachev on vinyl on the label Dystant, released with my side project Code27, with which I’m resident in Naples at the party Mutate.
In the last weeks I’m recording several podcasts for various platforms, and I’m working on the idea of the next album.

— Do you perform in clubs and at festivals?
— As I said before with my project Code27 I am resident at Mutate party and I have the opportunity to perform with the main DJs of the techno scene worldwide, I performed in my first live as 11xxx27 last year doing an open act before a live by Drew McDowall and I performed in dj set with different artists such as: Pact Infernal, Retina.it, Kangding Ray, Ruhig, the now deceased Damcase.

— Is it important for you, from which media to listen to? Is it necessarily with vinyl, or can it be with digital media? Do you collect vinyl or cassettes?
— I listen to music regardless of format, collect vinyl and often play it in my podcasts, as well as collect tapes of projects that particularly impress me.
I really like to listen to bands and projects of artists that take back sounds of the past mixing them with modern sounds passing through various genres from new-wave to post-rock to experimental music.

— How would you describe your music?
— I can’t find adjectives that can describe my music, it’s everything I live and surround me, so it’s a continuous evolutionary process.

— Does music help you in everyday life?
— Anyway, I always try to propose something unique. Music is the leitmotif of my life, it fills me with moments in my day or it helps me to reflect, it inspires me.

— Tell about the mix for YooDj’s. Did you want to express something through music?
— For YooDj’s I chose to propose my live recorded during the performance with Drew McDowall, this performance contains the true spirit of 11xxx27 and includes many tracks of “No Hope, No Fear” and some tracks from my first works released independently “The reality is inexorably destined to decline” and “Son of contaminated land”.