Ama//Mizu - Special for YooDj's

Ama//Mizu – Special for YooDj’s

AMA//MIZU seeks to bring the discomforting and perpetually wide-open gaze of consciousness to the art of modern pop song writing. His songs are shamed and emotionally stripped by the inquisitive questions of self-reflection. All of this in the attempt to cast light where we usually refuse to look.

— Hi! Nice to meet you. Tell please a little about yourself: where are you from, why do you love electronic music and especially techno, and what about your upcoming EP?
— Hi! I am originally from France and I now live in London.
This project started about 2 years ago with in mind the idea to merge electronic sounds with field recordings. I fell in love with electronic music when I heard Harmonia’s live at Hamburg for the first time, it was this consciousness of space and tension that really caught my attention. I came to Techno quite late actually, I had the luck to have friends and producers around me with very good taste in techno and house and they educated me massively!
What I really adored about it was the sheer brutality and drive of the Kick drum, like a massive grounding force contrasted by the ambience around it, like in Abdulla Rashim’s “Weldiya”, and the idea of playing with one’s conception of time and space through music.
Seeing Ricardo Villalobos in London was amazing for that reason, he would take you through this journey filled with twists and unexpected turns whilst unifying the club as one organism.

The EP is called “Discordant in Color” and it should come out sometime in September on Sas Recordings. It was mixed by Ash Workman (Metronomy, Christine and the Queens).

It’s a mix of a lot of things I have been listening for the past 2 years from Ambient to Techno and Folk with a focus on Pop melodies. I wanted to make this kind of union of hyperactive and calm moments to create tension through the tracks. I used a lot of DIY recordings of lightbulbs, wood pieces and metal strings to merge with synthesizers and drum machines.

I’m looking to release a new track around June and at the moment we’re getting ready with this amazing violin player, Tim, to play some gigs for this summer. We will be live at The Waiting Room in London supporting Buzz Kull on the 22/05/18 and at the Festival “Caring is Creepy” in Margate on the 26/05/18 with more dates to be announced soon.

— Also, can you tell please about the mix, what did you want to show through music?
— The most important thing for me was to create a cohesive narrative throughout. There’s a bit of a A.I theme, specially with the samples from the Voder (a 1950’s talking synth machine) and the Ghost in the Shell sample.



  1. Luigi Tozzi – Quetzalli
  2. Acronym – River Red gum
  3. Martin Schulte – Tunnel
  4. Domenico Rosa – Goingbackeast
  5. Vladislav Delay – Lehka
  6. Steevio – Forgotten Futures
  7. Mark Ernestus vs Konono n.1 – Masikulu Dub