Anabasine - Special for Yoodj's

Anabasine – Special for Yoodj’s

Dear listeners! Today our guest is Danji Buck-Moore aka Anabasine – DJ, producer, engineer and organizer based in Montreal.

Buck-Moore is a founding member of the community arts space La Plante, as well as the rave collective Lagom. A hard-working organizer in the underground scene since 2011, Buck-Moore recently premiered a highly applauded live set at MUTEK Montreal, showcasing his knack for broken beats and synth explorations. His DJ trajectory began in Germany’s underground techno scenes, where he also worked on Polyrhythm Technoir, an exploratory film trilogy about techno worlds, in collaboration with German artists Henning Fehr and Philip Rühr. He has since played in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Psycho Thrill Cologne, LAUT in Barcelona, Bossa Nova Civic Club in New York and many underground raves in Montreal. Anabasine also hosts the monthly show Anglerfish on radio, as well as a party series by the same name. His debut studio dance-music release is currently in production.

— Please, tell about yourself – especially about your passion for electronic music and DJing.
— I moved to Montreal ten years ago to study music and haven’t left – I’ve found a lot to do around the local underground music scenes here. I helped start a loft used for shows as well as starting to throw parties with our crew Lagom. Sometime I started listening to techno about halfway through that time, after university. I really liked what it felt like to be on dancefloors all night. I spent some time living in Cologne, where I found some great old school proper Detroit style techno; I played my first DJ set in a WWII bunker there that Psycho Thrill Cologne threw parties in.

— Do you make your own music?
— Yeah, I do! I’ve been working with and MPC and a bunch of outboard rack synthesizers that I’ve had from year with my band Slight and playing ambient drone music live sets. Synths are a X0X B0X, a Novation Bass Station II, and Oberheim Matrix 1000, and a Waldorf Micro Q, some others sometimes. Right now I’m working on doing multitracked studio recordings and edits of the last bunch of tunes I made last summer for a set at MUTEK here in Montreal.

— Do you perform in clubs and at festivals? In which countries would you like to perform and why?
— I just played at Igloofest here last Saturday – it was like -32 Celsius with windchill and snowing, coldest snowstorm in Montreal in 100 years! So yeah, I’d love to play at festivals in Europe or other parts of North America, or somewhere, warmer?

— Would you like to visit the post-Soviet countries?
— I really haven’t spent any real time in Europe east of Dresden, and I would really like to. I hear amazing things. Softcoresoft who is in the Lagom crew and who I DJ a lot with has Romanian family, I’d love to go there sometime, and I hear Tbilisi is incredible.

— Do you have any favorite labels and musicians? What kind of music do you prefer to listen to?
— I really like a lot of UK music and plenty from Bristol; Hessle Audio and Livity Sound were big for me. I think what I’m after generally are sounds that can straddle the fence between heavy driven rhythmic techno and more wonky 2-step beats, I listen to lots of stuff from all sides of that. Don’t Be Afraid and Version are also extremely large.

— Does music help you in everyday life?
— Absolutely.

— Tell, please, about the mix. Why did you choose this particular tracks for recording and what did you want to express through it?

— I’m played a lot of friends’ music for this one, people from Montreal or who have come through recently, mostly. A lot of it is really new and I’m really excited about! Also a bunch of records that I’ve picked up locally in the past couple months and have been playing out at parties. I ended with a deep Laraaji jam cause I’ve been feeling that this winter a lot. Shouts to everyone for the music, thanks yall.


Here’s the tracklist:

seast – this camp’s a late bloomer – Booma
softcoresoft – Thalassa – unreleased
Equiknoxx Music – Definitely Not Something Offensive – DDS
Overmono – Quadraluv – Whities
Sterac – In Circles – Klockworks
CMD – wild light – Perfect Location Records
Heiko Laux ‎– Souldancer (Unititled) – Kurbel
overland – 143,57 – unreleased
Timeblind – De-Televised (Untitled) – Missile Records
DJ Slip – Broken Cake – (Original Mix) – Missile Records
grkzgl – wkp02 – unreleased
sardashhh – neon cigar – self-released
Helix – The Lyot Remix – Night Slugs
Laraaji – Ocean Flow Zither