Anna Adams - Special for YooDj's

Anna Adams – Special for YooDj’s

Anna Adams is a DJ and artist recently based in Amsterdam. She is a resident at objekt klein a club in Dresden, Germany, where she lived before. While delivering straight, fast dance tunes in the club, her podcasts explore more bypaths of her musical interest focussing on non-linear dramaturgy.

“Like every set Anna Adams plays, this mix is designed to take the listener on a journey. Press play and you might feel yourself lifted above Earth, suspended in its orbit as you reflect back on its image. Soon we find ourselves transported to another world that at first seems like our own. But if you look closer, it’s a planet that exists without the systems that subjugate women, people of color, queer people, the poor. The tracks are at once futuristic and nostalgic: Anna’s introspective selections span more than two decades, flitting between evocative trance lines, the ethereal vocals of Asha Devi and hard-hitting rhythms of Chilean rapper Lizz. The mix moves swiftly between half time and double time, deftly combining breaks with wavy downtempo beats. It’s at once rich and sparse, new and old. Perhaps it’s a fictional soundtrack for the third Blade Runner movie – this time with a non-binary main character. Whatever it is and wherever you are, you won’t want to leave.”



01. DJ Jeres Univers: Outro (V.A.L.I.S., 2018)
02. Aïsha Devi: Sheen Saker (Houndstooth, 2016)
03. Wild Orkid: The Magic In You (Lucky Spin, 1994)
04. Lizz: Chacal (self released, 2016)
05. Lone: Triple Helix (R&S, 2016)
06. Antares: Daydream (Mental Church Remix) (Basis, 1994)
07. Antares: Master 2 (Basis, 1994)
08. Lorn: Acid Rain (Wednesday Sound, 2014)
09. Eski Myth: Isolated Chaos (unreleased)
10. EONE.: Mariah’s Gone (Peace Edit) (unreleased)
11. Reptant: 2mg Delirium (Tomahawk, 2017)
12. _Asstnt & Roll Dann: Chronicle Of A Love Foretold (Involve, 2017)
13. Pet Shop Boys: Home And Dry (Ambient Mix) (Parlophone, 2002)
14. Shigeto: Deep Breathing (Ghostly International, 2015)