Blond 007 - Special for YooDj's

Blond 007 – Special for YooDj’s

My name is Anthony (Blond 007).

I am a young producer, musician and a DJ based in Berlin.

In this mix you will encounter acid house, techno and electro.

Enjoy it!

I was born in Moscow, but I am growing up in Germany.

Music has been my passion ever since I started playing guitar in 6, and later also on the keyboard.

I successfully accomplished Jazz Prestudies at the Munich Jazz School.

Shortly after that I founded my band “Kurochkin and Friendz”, we played nu-disco, jazz and funk.

In 2014 I moved to Berlin, where I discovered my deep love for electronic music and DJing.




1. Don´t Stop – Posthuman
2. Ode to Mondrian – Hardloor
3. 52 -Coeter One
4. Sync24 – Memory Bubble
5. Jack Attack – CT Trax
6 .Slap Back – Acid Junkies
7. Turkish Bazar – Future Breeze
8.Minimum 23 – Josh Wink
9.I Am Your Man – Abe Duque
10. Ghetto 972 – TX Connect
11.Fat Skinny People – Dexter
12. What Used To be Called Used to Be – Josh Wink
13. Shockwaves – Kink
14. Dave Angel – Jellyfish

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