Brandon Vare - Special for YooDj's

Brandon Vare – Special for YooDj’s

— Hi! Tell us a little about yourself, and especially about your passion for electronic music. Is your education related to music?
— Hi, I’m Brandon Vare, from the North West of England. I got into electronics when I was a teenager, became obsessed with synthesisers and have spent the time since buying them, I’ve studied music but it’s never been massively relevant to what I do myself. I’m not interested in one style or sound, I find the technology itself keeps me interested.

— Tell us more about your release “Powerline EP”, who or what inspired you for its creation?
— It’s mostly a collection of stuff I’d had around for years, I worked with Extrapolation to finalise 4 tracks from probably hundreds, some are older Ableton based tracks and some are more recent live jams, I recall Powerline being recorded to tape which made it difficult to edit afterwards.

— Please describe how your creative work process is going on – from idea to realization. What kind of hardware do you use?
— It’s pretty much plug in and go for me, especially now I’m doing stuff live in one take. I’m slowly moving back towards computers too. I recently got rid of a little Eurorack setup too, miss it a lot. I’ve had a lot of equipment over the years.

— What are you working on now and what are do you plan in the near future?
— Working on a lot of different things these days, mainly working on another “Music for Film” type album and some more EPs.

— Do you have any favorite labels and musicians? What kind of music do you prefer to listen to in the player?
— I listen to my friends music a lot, too many people out there doing good stuff to count. Obvious shout outs to Extrapolation, Jelly Roll Soul, Voder etc.

— Is it important for you, from which media to listen to? Is it necessarily with vinyl, or can it be with digital media? Do you collect vinyl?
— No preference, just depends on where I’m listen. Convenience speaks volumes, enjoy putting a record on though.

— How would you describe your music?
— I differs a lot, sometimes I make beat less and more ambient music, sometimes more uptempo and full on sometimes in between. I’d say I’m an electronic musician first and foremost rather than a techno producer or whatever. Experimenting is what makes it fun.

— Does music help you in everyday life?
— I’d say so, It’s an escape from working a lot.



It is noteworthy that the mix, recorded specially for our project, entirely consists of Brandon’s own tracks.


The Love Theme (Romance Demo)
Plutonium Glow
5th Harmony
Thetan (Slow)
Smogulan Fogulan
Hospital Suite
Celtic Future War
Atom Man
Motorway Funk
Dog Eater
String Suite