Brett McDonald – Special for YooDj’s

The name of this guy is Brett McDonald and he is a DJ and producer from Melbourne, Australia. He has been a more serious collector of records for 5 years or so and a lover of music whole his life.

This mix features a number of relatively new releases, most of which fall into the deeper side of techno – a sound Bratt had a little break from, but have dived back into recently.

“This sort of techno is my bread and butter, but sometimes when you’re listening to a lot of mixes the same artists are featured again and again so I’ve tried to present some slightly different names and sounds (although in a fairly niche subgenre, it’s impossible for DJs to avoid playing some of the same artists/tracks!)”




Valentino Mora – Raising
9beats – Vacuum Attraction
Modern Heads – Elemento B
Relic Radiation – Outermost
Hoedus – Red Dwarf Star
Varro – Discovery
Kessell – Sensorium
Feral – East Slope
Leo Anibaldi – Endurance (Claudio PRC remix)
Svarog & NØRBAK – XO1
Model Shape – Taktile
Alfredo Mazzilli – Vanir