Da GobliNN - Special for YooDj's

Da GobliNN – Special for YooDj’s

Dear readers and listeners! Today is our guest – Nathan T. Atkinson aka Da GobliNN – canadian techno DJ and producer.

— Tell us please a little about yourself. How long have you been doing music, when exactly did you realize that you want to connect your life with this?
— I have always loved music. I remember hearing John Denver’s “Country Roads” on the radio when I was 5 and all the hair on my arms stood up. I was 13 and I started fooling around with the stereo creating my own two track recorder and putting a loop on one channel and so on creating sounds. I guess it never stopped, just better equipment over the years.

— How does your nickname relate to your creativity? Did you ever played or released tracks under another alias?
— I have always been into the darker side of art and literature. Edgar Allan Poe is my favourite. At the same time I try and have bit of humour like Count Chocula. I had an earlier name called Hop Frogg. I had single on BugEyed Records a long time ago.

— Is your education related to music?
— I have always done music. I got a scholarship in High school and left to go to a recording studio called Signal 2 Noise owned by Rob Sanzo & main engineer James Cavalluzzo of Malhavoc, in Toronto. I worked under people like Dave Rave Ogilvie of Skinny Puppy, N.I.N, Ministry fame. That’s a whole other interview.

— Are you inspired by someone’s work before recording your own?
— Yes for sure – “SUICIDE” Alan Vega, Martin Rev. It all started there. I was always trying to mix weird records with electronic instruments. L.F.O, Pansonic, Chris and Cosey. Of course, house is a main part of what I always do. It has to have a groove that catches the heart.

— Do you perform at festivals?
— Soon!

— I listen to your last release MDNNA every day, I think it’s something really new, because I have not heard such music for a long time. It is concurrently danceable, but not vulgar (in Ukraine and Russia, unfortunately, there is a big problem), and besides, it has incredible energy. Tell me please more in details about MDNNA: from idea to implementation.

— First of all thank you. It means allot that it moves you. I was really trying to use arp analog lines with really industrial drums. Though at its core its got a 4/4 dance tech feel and touches of acid house in there. I was really thrilled to hear Trevor Jackson played it on the radio a few weeks ago.

— In what styles do you prefer to work in and which ones to listen to? Do you have any favorite labels and artists?
— I always start with a beat or loop and let it take me where ever that my be. Its always changing which artist I listen to write now. I like allot of stuff on the label I am – on Clan Destine and label called Born Free, with an artist called Sexazoid. I love Paranoid London, New York Haunted label, Mark Forshaw, Identified Patient, Helena Hauff, Collin Strange, Marshall Applewhite and D’Marc Cantu who I had the pleasure of working with. He did a few remixes for my last few records. Super talented guy!

— What kind of hardware do you use?
— Ok, I won’t name all of it. Here goes: Elektron Octatrack, Akai MPC Live, Dynaudio LYD-5 Monitors, Arturia Drum Brute, Roland Se-02 analog, Moog Mother 32, Elektron Analog Heat, Volca Bass Volca Fm synth, Vocals Kick, New Roland TB-03 silver, Korg Monolouge, Roland Tr-09! Аll rack of Pittsburgh Modular, 1 and 1, 1/2 racks of assorted modular from Noise Engineering to Erica synths, Intellijeland, too many to mention.

— Do you have any experience of collaboration with musicians?
— Yes, recently with D’Marc Cantu and Mark Forshaw aka Casio Royale.

— How do you think is there any difference how to listen to music? Is it necessarily with vinyl, or can it be with digital media? Do you collect vinyl?
— For the last 3 years I did. Buy allot of vinyl. I have eased up the last year and invested more in buying gear. It’s all how you perform the music. I would say my heart is more connected with vinyl. When you spin vinyl its always going round so your tighter with the beat. I also enjoy jamming with loops and efflex and Ableton also so I love it all.

— Tell me please what are you working on at the moment, and what do you plan in the near future?
— I have had few labels ask to hear stuff when its done like Mechatronica and Midnight Shift, will see if they like it. Musically I am going for the perfect mix between the DAF from the 80’s and I feel love disco and techno mixed. I am always surprised when I get out of the way and let the music lead me. A fine line between focus and letting go.

— How do you think the industry of techno music in USA will develop in after years?
— Techno is only getting bigger. With all the old school electro and industrial bubbling to the forefront. I think you will hear things you didn’t expect to get big!





1. Sexazoid – Unknown Caller
2. Arthur Baker /Alan Vega – Angel Of Hell (Paranoid London remix)
3. Fabio Monesi – Riot
4. Monesi – Is There More Than This
5. E-Saggila – Green Zone
6. XOOL – Caveman Walks Parts 1&2
7. The Klinik – Hours &Hours (live)
8. DAF- Der Mussolini (Giorgio Moroder & Denis Naidanow remix)
9. Da GobliNN – I Cant Stop
10. Bloody Mary – Experience#2 (original mix)
11. Da GobliNN – Mdnna (Casio Royale remix)
12. Terrence Fiximer – Force
13. Autumns – Headache Tablet
14. Oxia + DJ Rok Mix – Over The Hill