Essika - Special for YooDj's

Essika – Special for YooDj’s

Hello everyone! Today our guest is Essika – DJ, sound producer and vinyl collector based in Munich.

– Please, tell about yourself – especially about your passion for electronic music and DJing.
– I’m Essika from Munich and started DJing around 2012. Music has always been a great passion and after I’d listened to all different kinds of music in my teenage years such as punk rock, grunge or reggae I finally got into electronic music when I was 16 or 17. I started buying my first records and by the time I decided to learn how to beatmatch a couple of years later I already had quite a big collection at home.
I still have a great passion for all different types of music and genres and I always try to bring those styles and influences together in my sets.
I also used to host a monthly radioshow called Weed Beats on Radio80000 which concentrated on reggae, dub and all other kinds of laid-back music.

– Do you make your own music? If yes, tell more about it (what are you working on now, how your creative process is going on, what kind of hardware do you use).
– I have a project together with my soon-to-be husband Andi called Jelly3000. We already released a 1st track last year on the Munich-based label RFR records and we actually have a lot more tracks up our sleeves which we hope to release sooner or later. We have a wide range of hardware equipment in our basement studio like a Juno 106 synth and different drum machines but we also use Ableton. It’s always great fun together in the studio, it would be however great to have more time for this project.

– Which clubs and festivals do you play at and in which countries would you like to perform and why?
– Due to job and family I reduced my gigs a little bit in comparison to the years before. So I mostly play in Munich at the moment. However, as I love to meet new people and places I’m always open-minded about new clubs & festivals. Please feel free to contact my dear booker Elie from Mensch booking for that at any time.

– Do you have any favorite labels and musicians? What kind of music do you prefer to listen to?
– Way too many to name them all. I’m always in search of new (and old) tracks, artists, labels and also genres.

– Do you collect vinyls or tapes?
– I have a pretty big vinyl collection in the living room which I however neglected a little bit in recent years.

– Does music help you in everyday life
– Definitely!

– Tell, please a little about the mix. What did you want to show through music
– My mix for YooDj’s is a live recording of the warm up set I played a couple of weeks ago at Rote Sonne. It was a great evening with the two Distillery residents Lydia Eisenstätter and Vincent Neumann who both played really amazing sets. Playing the 1st set of the night is still one of my absolute favourite playtimes – especially at Rote Sonne, my beloved homebase club and 2nd living room. I really enjoy building up the energy for the rest of the night and watching the club filling with people.