Gforty - Special for YooDj's

Gforty – Special for YooDj’s

I am Gforty – Italian from Rome based in Berlin. I started producing electronic music back in 2004 when I was 17, after I started going to what was the best underground club in Rome “Brancaleone Club”.

I remember the moment I fell in love with techno music was one night that I entered the club and I heard Derrick May playing, it was like a revelation to me, this overwhelming Detroit sound made of synth chords, tribal sonorities, a lot of groove, classic house and latin sounds alternated with dark techno was something completely different and much closer to my way of perceiving music compared to what I was used to listen before, I wanted to know everything about it and the whole Detroit scene and I realized that that was the path I wanted to follow artistically as well from that moment on.

For me DJing is expanding emotions, sharing feelings with people around you by creating a journey that will of course unavoidably shape their own feelings too, it’s a maximum exaltation of the concept of mind translation to the surrounding environment.

This set is a mix of Detroit and ethereal classic house/techno sonorities in the first half till it starts getting gradually darker by the second half with rawer and rougher dark techno tunes.

In my DJ Sets I always try to bring the same feelings I felt the moment I entered that club that night, I did it here this time as well and I hope you can get those emotions too while listening to it.



1. Acronym City – Powermoves (Remix)
2. The Analogue Cops – Shonen Jump
3. Cosmic Garden – On My Mind
4. John Heckle – Changes
5. A Sagittariun – The Golden Apple
6. Voiski – Micro Mouse Mappy
7. Dimitri Veimar – 700
8. Uncode – Feminine (Echoplex Soleil Remix)
9. Yaleesa Hall, Malin – Artin (Zenker Brothers Remix)
10. P.leone – My Lita (Mark Broom Remix 2)
11. Magna Pia – Venus Genetrix
12. Juxta Position – Stepping
13. Truncate – Multiply
14. Dax J – The Tyranny
15. Cirkle – Invaders
16. Blue Hour – Beyond the Void