Hi Gordon!) thank you so much for agreeing to answer some of our questions.

 So please tell a bit about Project Mooncircle label and Finest Ego project, how it started.

I founded the label back in 2002. I lived in my parents house and I had a little studio. My friends and me, we produced a couple of tapes and I always had this dream to run my own label some day. Most of my old buddies were quite lazy and more into drugs than into music so I saved some money and decided to leave my hometown to start an internship in the States. When I met lovely people like CYNE, Prefuse 73 or label heads like La Mano Fria from Beta Bodega then I inhaled all what they said to me and I learned a lot from them. My goal was it to create a label and creative collective operating in the left-field sphere of electronic music with a heavy emphasis on artwork and design.

Finest Ego was a sub-label for beat music in the beginning but it became more and more a blog, magazine, and radio show for all kind of music without any boundaries. I don’t have so much time to run it properly at the moment and Malte Tarnow (CEO of Finest Ego) doesn’t seems to be interested in this project anymore so let’s see what I will do with it in the future. It’s a lovely concept and website by Craw from Paris and it’s a shame to keep it slow like that. I’m on it!

– I can’t say I’m excited with Dave McKean’s illustrations and works for your label, please tell us about this cooperation.

I follow Dave McKean’s work for almost 20 years and he influenced me and my own illustration a lot. It was one of these rare incredible moments when he agreed to design our box. I wanted something hand-painted and connected to our brand because since our 10th anniversary the face of one of our founding members who passed away way too early graces our logo. This release is dedicated to her and commemorates the 11th anniversary of her death. The Italian illustrator Lorena Assisi created the main artwork before Dave and she became more and more involved into our label progress so she understood the decision to take his work as main box layout and her beautiful illustration for the double cd cover.

– You’re celebrating 15 years with an outstanding compilation, please tell if you’re satisfied with the work done, or you have something to add.

Actually, we’re happy with the result and I’m really proud to have all our long term and upcoming signed artists on it. It’s tough to work on such a huge project but we started in January so it was enough time to be on point at Christmas 2016.

– During last years the sales of vinyl have increased, what do you think about that?

Nothing changed in my opinion and we shouldn’t believe in this media hype. Most of the public statements doesn’t reflect the contemporary market. They count with numbers from 2014 – 2015 and switch them to weird prognoses.

– How hard do the events around the Globe influence the dance culture? In one of the interviews Nicolas Jaar said the dance music increasingly becomes a site of protest, do you agree with that?

Ahh c’mon. I wouldn’t take it so deep. I can only speak out of my experience here in Berlin and people like to go out, to dance and the main focus is how their look and act to other people. The surreal mishmash fashion trends reflecting the music market in the same way. Almost everyone jumps on the same train by the industry. What’s the reason of this protest then? They wanna feel free? They like to enjoy their life? Good but maybe they should start to search for their own personality, clothing style, and taste in music and that’s the first step to feel seriously special in some way. It’s pretty shallow nowadays but it will change soon. We already had that vibe ten years ago.

– Tell us a bit about yourself, what you do in your free time. I know you play hockey, how big is your hobby?

I love to spend time with my friends, to have long walks with my dog into the wild, and I play ice hockey for Berlin Pandas, licensed to C75 at the UEL league since 85′. I worked nine years for Project Mooncircle almost 24 hours per day and I recognized pretty late that I need definitely more in my life. The music market is like a drug… You can feel very safe and suffused from time to time. Specially, when your mind has something to say and you need to get out your own creativity… BUT, it can be a cold fiction too when you feel more and more your emptiness over the years.

And the last question) What is played at your place and on your i-pod?

Gaussian Curve – Dewdrops (Clouds – Music From Memory, 2015)

15th Anniversay Compillation 5LP box set buy here