Hampus Bogren – Special for YooDj’s

Dear friends! Today we had a fascinating conversation with Hampus Borgen (Skóll) – emerging producer from Stockholm, Sweden with roots in the city’s underground techno scene.
Focusing on the deeper side of electronic music and influenced by the beautiful but harsh Scandinavian nature, esotericism and the fascination for sound design his music is located somewhere in between techno, ambient and drone. It can be characterized by its deep and emotional elements, archaic ritualistic beats and dark atmosphere.

— How long have you been doing music? If you remember, please tell us about your first acquaintance with it.
— I’ve been producing for about 2 years now, which I guess is not a very long time. Music has always been a big part of my life, and I’ve felt the desire to create and write my own since I was young. I tried learning to play a couple of instruments but it didn’t really suit me for some reason and it never really stuck with me. But when I started to discover and listen to electronic music I quickly felt that it was a great fit and outlet for my creativity.
— I found your tracks on soundcloud, but neither on the bandcamp, nor on the discogs. Have you somehow grouped your compositions? Do you have complete releases for today?
— I have actually not released anything yet. Although, I have an EP finished which is going to be released on a small spanish avantgarde label called Knotzept Records in the near future.

— What are you working on now?
— Except the EP mentioned above (which is more or less finished) I am in collaboration with Ida/Fjäder on Nordanvind Records where we are also discussing an EP, something I am super excited about! And then of course there is some other odd tracks here and there which will hopefully find a home aswell eventually.

— Do you use any hardware other than a laptop?
— Yes most of the sounds you hear in my productions are from analog hardware. My go to synths are a Juno-106, MS-20 mini and Dreadbox Nyx. For drums I use a Jomox xBase 09 and a Roland TR-8.

— What are the labels and musicians who had an influence on your creative look and if among them are those who you listen to until now?
— There are so many! Before I started to produce myself I listened to alot of black metal, noise, dark ambient and stuff like that (I still do from time to time) and the atmosphere and mood of these genres still influence me a great deal today. If we talk about more techno-related music I get a lot of inspiration from labels like Northern Electronics, Hypnus, Nordanvind, Semantica and Midgar (to mention a few) and of course the artists affiliated with them.
— Does music help you in everyday life?
Yes, immensely! It’s a way for me to cope with everything, both listening to music and creating it, a way to deal with emotions and feelings I wouldn’t be able to get out of me in any other way.
— Please, share your plans for a musical future.
— Apart from the EP’s I mentioned above, I also have some other collaborations planned which I hope will be realized soon, and of course I want to keep exploring, experimenting and developing my own sound. I also have a couple of DJ gigs coming up, mostly in my hometown Stockholm, but I hope I will be fortunate enough to be able to play elsewhere soon too 🙂