Interview with Jong-min Lee (Oslated)

Interview with Jong-min Lee (Oslated)

— Hello, tell us, please, about yourself. How long have you been connected with music?
— Hi! My name is Jong-min Lee aka Oslon, I’m DJ and Director of Oslated label & Podcast series which is based in Seoul, South Korea. I’m a Resident DJ of Constant Value and also I organize regularly some parties at vurt.

The first step of my musical career was that I’d been a drummer in a rock band, and since more than 20 years I’ve been trying to deal with various music genres and musical instruments.

Since 2016 I’m striving to introduce Korean and international talented underground artists through my label & podcast series, “Oslated“.

— Tell a little about your community and the label Oslated, what is your main goal?
Oslated is a label for underground local artists in and around Seoul. We have been building a platform that assembles talented local underground musicians and supports them. We have been managing an international podcast series and local parties in Seoul. Also by releasing albums, we have been introducing talented local artists to listeners.

The main goal of Oslated is to find and discover the hidden fine local DJs and talented next-generation artists in various cities.

— Honestly, I know almost nothing about the electronic scene in Seoul, tell us about the situation in the promotion of electronic culture. What festivals do you have?
— For several years, it has made great improvements of the underground electronic music scene in Seoul. For example, the number of underground music fans has increased a lot. In consequence of this trend change, many new venues have been appeared. And now there are many new electronic DJs / Producers too. The mainstream of our underground electronic scene now is becoming Techno. The local techno DJs in Seoul including me, who have played before this “Techno Wave”, consider this change in positive ways.

So, Oslated got a mission now: to be the most important helper for underground electronic music scene in Seoul.

— Which music do you prefer to listen to and which of the musicians and labels would you like to highlight?
— Oslated Mix respects various underground genres. But albums to be released from this spring will focus on Ambient, Deep, Acid and Hypnotic Techno genres. Oslated would like to mention all the DJs / Producers who participated in Oslated project.

— What do you think about the role of media in the development of your project?
— Good question. I’m worrying a lot about this. Yes, media is important. But the question is that if it’s a media which has an intention of growing up with us or if it’s the one which wants to abuse us.
Oslated doesn’t aim for its private profit but only for the artist’s. We are not trying to make a business with this. We would like to just show our pure love for the music.

— Do you play with vinyl and do you collect it?
— To tell about playing vinyls, nowadays, playing vinyls became a trend for the world electrionic music scene but it’s not that important question for me. Because, actually I started DJing with CDs and I’ve played mostly in digital way. Still now, I don’t feel uncomfortable in playing with my own way, even if I’m interested in playing and collecting vinyls. But somehow in the future, if people releases more “Vinyl Only” tracks… I think I will play with vinyls.
Oslated label has been released the tracks in “Digital Only”. But if there are many people who wants to get our tracks in vinyl version, they could expect positive responses.

— A question for DJ Lavera: tell us a little about the mix that you recorded for YooDj’s.
— Hi! I’m Lavera from Seoul, South Korea.

Basically I like melodic and psychedelic sounds. Through this mix I wanted to express musically that melodic bass and intensity coexist. The beginning of the mix is always setting a theme, actually it took me a while this time. This is – “A journey to heavenly path (that is never easy)” – for this set. I think a Story in the mix is very important, also I hope those who listen to this mix understand the whole flow.

Focus and feel the various sounds of music at that moment! Enjoy!