Key Watch - Special for YooDj's

Key Watch – Special for YooDj’s

Tell me about yourself as an artist.

I identify as Key Watch: DJ, producer and event manager/promoter from Montreal, Canada’s francophone metropolis. Outside of the electronic music scene I play guitar for myDirtyhaircut & the Employees.

How do you express yourself through your music?

Elements from my immediate environment — ranging from books, movies and conversations to recent musical discoveries — are a prominent source of inspiration. Essentially, any striking components absorbed from my daily life are subsequently transformed into sound. What influences my music is therefore constantly evolving, to achieve what I hope to be an honest and personal result.

In face, I believe that honesty plays a critical role in music, particularly in the case of DJs: we can never actually fool our public. I kind of see DJing as a seduction game: as a DJ I channel all of my energy into ensnaring a susceptible but capricious crowd into my own musical world. The crowd, reactionary to any influx of sound, senses a lot subconsciously. A dishonest DJ will never master his crowd. An honest DJ — someone who genuinely loves what he’s playing — becomes the leader of the dance. He must be sensitive to his crowd’s primordial pulse. A DJ set is therefore a powerful exchange between an unified audience and its musical conductor.

Unfortunately, the control that a good DJ will achieve can be insidious: power is dangerously addictive. Furthermore, one needs to be careful with the way that this sense of power can affect one’s ego: there is a fine line between healthy motivation and the toxicity of narcissism.


What would you have to say about this exclusive mix for YooDj’s?

In recent years, I can comfortably say that I got the hang of mixing afro music and hip-hop. For me, the real challenge remains in the mastery of house and techno music. Through their hypnotizing simplicity, those two styles can easily lull listeners into a trance-like state. The public will rarely recognize the exact pieces that are played. That’s where the beauty of such music lies. That’s also why I find that house and techno are one of the most difficult types of electronic music to properly deliver. This mix is therefore a way for me to prove myself that I can integrate into a musical world that I deeply respect. In this mix, you will be able to sense my inclinations towards tribal rhythms, minimalism and tonically compatible transitions.


I would like to take a moment to thank YooDj’s for this opportunity to reach out to audiences overseas. My next step would be to mix at prestigious house/techno clubs in Montreal, such as the notorious Datcha.




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