Lerosa - Special for YooDj's

Lerosa – Special for YooDj’s

Lerosa is an Italian producer based in Dublin with productions on labels like Uzuri, Osgut Ton & Million of Moments. He is also an acclaimed underground DJ with a reputation for whipping eclectic selections of house, techno and Italo into a heady dancefloor mix.

— Hello! Please tell about yourself and your passion for electronic music. Is your education related to music?
— Hi, I make electronic music as Lerosa, I live in Dublin for over 20 years but grew up in Rome where I got into pop, hip-hop, house and started in Djing at house parties but also later played in a blues band 🙂 I am self-taught but I did in the last couple of years take some classes in music theory and started a book to teach myself how to play electric bass, I haven’t finished it yet…

— How long have you had an idea of making music?
— I think I only took it seriously starting from around 2000, prior to that I was just happy buying lots of records and CDs.

— How long have you been producing;
— About 17 years.

— Tell about your nickname.
— I didn’t know what name to use for my first record, at the very end when the pressing plant really needed a name I picked the first part the email address I had in work at the time, lerosa, and the rest is, well, some sort of history.

— Please describe how your creative work process is going on – from idea to realization. What kind of hardware do you use?
— I just fire up whatever machine I am liking the most at the time and just build grooves out of them and the other machines, everything is controlled and synced to a central midi sequencer and I keep on messing about until it sounds right. I then record this initial groove as a multitrack into Ableton 9; there I edit, overdub and then I do an old school dub session with an analog mixer with various outboard delays and effects and record this. That’s normally the end of it, sounds a bit convoluted but normally it’s quite a fast process, I don’t like to do too much editing, I try to record most of everything on one go right at the start.
So I mostly use hardware with Ableton as some sort of glorified tape recorder. I do use some softsynths on the iPad but that’s just a recent thing, I plan to use those only live.

— Do you have an experience of cooperation with any musicians or artists?
— I worked with Donato Dozzy for an EP we did but we were in different cities sending each other stems. We’re doing that again at the moment. I like working with Dozzy because we’re old friends otherwise I think I find it hard to be motivated to work with other people.

— What are you working on now and what are your plans for the near future?
— Right now I’m putting some finishing touches on a new ambient live set, I’m also close to finalise some new releases on bandcamp for some times next year. There are also EP on the way on a German label called Eudemonia, another EP on a Spanish label called Disco Mulata and some ambient things for later in 2018.

— In which countries would you like to perform and why?
— I’d actually like to play a bit more in Ireland, I don’t get to gig here too much and it would be great to engage a bit more with local promoters. Also Rome, being my hometown, would be a place I’d like to gig more at, sentimental reasons I guess.

— What kind of music do you prefer to listen to? What musicians and labels would you pick out among your loved ones?
— I like to listen to dub a lot, things like King Tubby, Scientist and then jazz like Coltrane and Weather Report…I go through different phases to be honest, for the last 5 years I’ve been on a mad binge of 80’s pop, post punk, new wave and italo, I suppose what I make and what I listen to tend to influence each other.

— How do you think is there any difference how to listen to music? Is it necessarily with vinyl, or can it be with digital media? Do you collect vinyl?
— I listen to any format at home or at work but I mostly buy vinyl records and I only DJ with vinyl, I’m not a purist, it’s just the format I prefer when Djing with. I have a lot of records but I’m not a collector.

— How would you describe your music?
— Personal.

— Does music help you in everyday life?
— Making music helps me, it’s a vocation, I feel better after I’ve been in the studio, some sort of meaningful activity to me and to an extent I’ve come to see the evolution of the studio over the years as some sort of process intrinsically linked to everything else. Playing out can also be a good healthy experience when all the elements come together, good crowd, good rig.

— What would you advise the beginning producers?
— Hank Shocklee of The Bomb Squad (the producers behind Public Enemy) once said to be always clear why you are in this business. As long as you clearly know why you’re in it you can accept the sacrifices and demands it makes of you.
Also, use any tools you can afford to make the sounds that you like, all this hardware only – vinyl only – boutique modular fetishism is an aberration of what used to be a very affordable DIY culture until very recently. If that 2 euro app on your phone makes the right drums for you, use it.





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