Loïcc - Special for YooDj's

Loïcc – Special for YooDj’s

Loïcc is a young producer and musician from Sydney, Australia. Born and raised in Armidale, Loïcc was quick to engulf himself within the Sydney band scene having already become a sought after percussionist and recording engineer. Loïcc’s seamless entrance into the club scene has been impressive and is already beginning to turn heads. His debut effort as an electronic producer with the EP “Get Myself To It” on Cult Trip Records has seen him apply both the intricate and confronting drum work he is known for to create some unique techno jams.

— Hello! Please tell a little about yourself and about your project Loïcc. How long have you had an idea of making music?
— Hi! I’m Loïcc, real name Julian, I’m 24 and speaking to you from Australia. Loïcc is actually my middle name and I’ve been making music under that name for a few years now. I started music learning piano from age 8 before changing to drums and guitar at 11, and became more interested in audio engineering and having full control over my music as I got older. I studied a Bachelor of Audio and did some recording and mixing for local bands which helped me learn how to make my own tracks. I listened to a lot of electronic music from about 15, (when I also started DJing) and couldn’t wait to make my own songs.

— I really liked your last release “Get Myself To It” – especially the track “Sullen Room”. I feel like dancing every time I hear it! I think, it fills the space with extraordinary energy. Please, tell who or what inspired you for recording this EP.

— Its great to hear that people have enjoyed it! I wrote the EP during winter on a rainy couple of days in my apartment and all of the initial ideas came out really quickly. I’d been listening to a lot of weird lo-fi techno and electro and tried hard to get that consistent texture to come through on the EP; I think that’s part of why Sullen Room works well in the club setting.

— Do you have any experience of cooperation with other musicians (if not, would you like to collaborate with someone)?
— Yeah I’ve played different instruments in a lot of bands and worked on recording other people’s music a lot but I would love to collaborate with the Loïcc stuff in the near future as I’ve only ever worked alone on it so far.

— What are you working on now and what your plans for a musical future?
— I’m working on a new set of tracks at the moment for a label and I’m hoping to get closer to my goal of playing some shows in Europe sometime next year once I have a few more releases under my belt. But mainly just trying to finish as many new tracks as I can while I play some shows locally.

— What kind of hardware do you use?
— For the EP I barely used any hardware other than in the mixing process where I ran a lot sounds through guitar amps and tape machines. I use a combination of Logic, Pro-tools and Ableton with some really nice sounding virtual instruments. I own a TR-8 and some small synths but I’m looking to get my hands on some more hardware at the moment because I prefer the hands on approach when writing.

— Do you have any favorite labels and musicians? What kind of music do you prefer to listen to?
— I love the stuff coming out of Australia at the moment. People like Jensen Interceptor and Assembler Code have some killer stuff in the works and they’re label Intl.C, the label I released on (Cult Trip) have a really nice vibe with all their stuff too. Labels like CPU records, Zone Records, Private Persons, Cultivated Electronics all have some amazing stuff coming out at the moment too. When I’m not listening to electronic stuff I listen to bands like Parquet Courts or Pavement.

— And Is it important for you from which media to listen to?
— It’s nice to listen to vinyl when I can but I generally don’t mind.

— How would you describe your music?
— Aggressive, percussive, moody. Hopefully unique. Immersive and textural.

— In which countries would you like to perform and why?
— Everywhere! Super keen to get to Europe as soon as possible.

— Does music help you in everyday life?
— Absolutely! I spend all my time doing something music related and I don’t know what I’d be doing without it. Creating something always makes me feel better.




1. P.O.N. THREE – Kangaroo Skull
2. Masala – Hoshina Anniversary
3. Speechless Tape – NGLY
4. Gravitational Collapse – Obergman
5. Rambus Rompus – Hex Wolves
6. Mynox – Jensen Interceptor
7. T Rex – Eat Paint
8. Zombie Machine (Acid) – Gesloten Cirkel
9. Fate Amenable To change – Trevanian
10. KAZIPEWPEWPEW – Nicola Kazimir
11. Eeccuuaaddoorr – Clouds
12. Untitled – Loïcc
13. Es Zieht Mich – Schwoefelgelb
14. Stalkers Behave – Rutherford
15. Lean Before the Interview – Jensen Interceptor feat. Assembler Code
16. Hydrothermal Vent – Morphology
17. Want (Danny Daze & Shokh´s Fears Come Dub) – Rebolledo
18. Street Lights (SCNTST Remix) – Pastiche