NFEREE - Special for YooDj's

NFEREE – Special for YooDj’s

NFEREE is a solo project started in 2017 out of pure love and passion for deep electronic music. No rules or boundaries, just constant experimentation with analogue and digital machines.

— Please, tell about yourself and especially about your passion for electronic music. How long have you had an idea of making music? And is your education related to it?
— My name is Ed, I was born in Lithuania but currently based in UK. I’m into electronic music since my childhood as a listener, party goer, then DJ, and eventually noise maker, I mean producer 🙂 I am not a professionally trained musician, its my hobby, my passion.

— Tell about your last release, does it have a definite idea?
— My last release, not to mention singles, was a second self-released EP on Bandcamp with 3 originals and 5 remixes in total by two very talented people Mechanist and JustLocal. I had many nice words about it from listeners, DJs, producers and for me its almost like an album: very smooth from track to track where every track has its own place. I’m very pleased with the result and grateful for the amazing work that Mechanist and JustLocal done there!

— Please, describe how your creative process is going on – from idea to realization. What kind of hardware do you use?
— I don’t have a set way of making music. Whole beauty of this project is that I can afford to experiment and that’s what it’s all about! Sometimes I start with kick and bass, other times I go for background noises, atmos, pads. I also like sampling, so that can be the main “hook” of the track. There are absolutely no rules and sometimes no sense in what I do in the studio :)) at the moment my setup is pretty simple and straightforward: I have Elektron Analog Rytm for my drums, Access Virus ti2 does my poly synth duties, Elektron Digitone is for FM stuff and I have 2 monos Korg MS20 Mini and MAM MB33 for my basses. To record and arrange all this I use Ableton Live.

— What are you working on now? And what are your plans for the near future?
— I’m working on EP together with Mechanist. Also on a few remixes and finally getting on top of all podcast requests. My plans are to stay busy as I’m now and keep doing what I like 🙂

— Do you perform in clubs and festivals?
— I was heavily djing in the past but at the moment I’m fully concentrated on producing and with other things going on in my life I don’t think I’d be able to find time for that. Hopefully it’s going to change at some point!

— Is it important for you, from which media to listen to? Is it necessarily with vinyl, or can it be with digital media? Do you collect vinyl or cassettes?
— Im not a vinyl enthusiast and for me format isn’t important. I understand the argument “vinyl sounds better” but there are also circumstances when digital media is just more convenient.

— Do you have any favorite labels and musicians? What kind of music do you prefer to listen to?
— There are so many good labels these days that makes it hard to single something out. From well known labels I have to mention Northern Electronics. Long time favourite, just never stops surprising. From less known, but super quality sound spreading is french label Kornarion. Found it fairly recently but fell in love straight away, every release is very strong, one of the labels to keep an eye on!
To mention some artists: Voices From The Lake is something that I admire.
I listen to different music, depends on the mood: ambient, old school hip-hop, funk, all sorts of drum and bass, of course all sorts of techno. Really like listen to classical music while driving.

— How would you describe your music?
— This is a tough one, I think only people who listen can answer it properly.

— Does music help you in everyday life?
— It certainly does. Session in the studio is like a spa visit for me! Haha

— Tell about the mix for YooDj’s. What did you want to show through music?
— Well, this one is very special for me simply because it’s been 10 years since I recorded my last mix! It also contains only my productions/remixes/collaborations which makes it even more special! Loads of unreleased material which hopefully will make mix interesting even for people who heard something about me.