Raw Russian - Russian Girls Like Raw

Raw Russian – Russian Girls Like Raw

A new experiment from the russian cassette label Raw Russian which promotes unknown and only russian producers — a compilation entirely consisting of a beautiful half of humanity and their vision of modern Russian sound.

The label ideologist and founder Nikita Villeneuve assembled seven russian girls-producers and asked them only one question: «How do you describe your feelings from 90s and 00s in Russia in one track?»

«We stand for equal rights for women or we think about inequality problems — but in this compilation we just want to recall the past and remember both its good sides and the bad ones,» – says Villeneuve. – «And who except the girls can feel and convey all these emotions more strongly and brighter?»

Villeneuve also recalls the sexist attacks of the Giegling label: «This is obviously a dirty game and unskillful PR, or Constantine simply does not respect women, which is worse doubly».

One of the favorites of the coming compilation is the musician Galya Chikiss, who presented a monotonous and crude post-pop track, reminiscent of the early work of the HTRK.

Also among the participants: anonymous project labor from the Russian graffiti artist and musician; producer Sestrica, working only with the analog and trying to resurrect the “spiritual” techno in Russia; illustrator and pop-vocalist Masha Porez; designer and music experimenter Sonya Blade; a dark horse of the Russian female raw-house scene – Morana and mysterious and vague p.thepi, which created one of the most sensual music projects in Russia.

«I thought about creating this collection for about a year, but the circumstances and force majeure all the time prevented me from starting it.» – says Villeneuve. – «As if someone over there was against».

Like all previous releases of Raw Russian this compilation is released in a limited format: only 20 cassettes for true collectors and people who understand Russian sound.