Nikita Villeneuve - Oldschool Mix

Raw Russian – Warehouse

Today we will talk about the new compilation on Raw RussianWarehouse.

– Tell please, why did you decided to make a compilation just in this style?
– Last year I was tired of the steady beat, I think the listeners too. There is a lot of good stuff in Russia, aside from houses and techno. Therefore, my choice for this season is jungle, breakbeat and drum and bass. Plus, Raw Russian changed the concept and now it’s not a label, but “a music guide to the New Russian underground scene”. So, now we are releasing and promoting not only the raw music, as it was before. Now the focus is on originality and difference.

– Tell us about the participants of this compilation.
– All of them are anonymous according to the old tradition. I found them in the abysses of Soulseek and Soundcloud. I do not own any info about them, we communicate by mail. I personally like this way, reminds me of the work of oldschool anonymous labels.

– And the most important question, what are the Raw Russian development plans for the project?
– Ahead there is a new cassette, or even a box of two. Genre is still a secret. We also develop our Spotify playlist, where all Russian musicians can send their tracks. I do not limit the genres, but it is better that there are more experiments and fewer steady beat.

And for those who want to dive into oldschool house rhythms Nikita recorded a lovely mix!


Spotify playlist: