Roli - Special for YooDj's

Roli – Special for YooDj’s

Roli is a DJ, promoter, vinyl collector, future sound producer and just a very good person from Slovenia.

So, let’s start our enthralling conversation.

— Tell, please, about yourself and especially about your passion for electronic music.
— I’m a music passionate for as long as I can remember. It all started as a joy for listening to disco, pop, metal and then alternative, grunge to ending up in the electronic sphere. Hailing out of the ex YU territory, Slovenia, to be precise, where in the early 80’s there was not much chances to stumble across a lot of electronic music, unless on rare occasions hearing here and there some strange futuristic, outer space vibes and sounds as I recall. I’m sure that this was more or less Kraftwerk music, because everytime I hear them, I feel a kind of a flashback. Also luckily on the other hand that my hometown is located on the border with Italy, where at the time I could connect simultaneously with the western sounds and music cultures. There is a memory, fresh like it was yesterday, when I was a kid hearing the moaning vocals and hypnotic sounds on the timeless Mr. Fingers’s French kiss, airing on the local Italian radio called Radio Italia Network. Later came the 90’s and one day when I got home from school, they were airing some hardcore, Thunderdome or something like that that dropped my jaw down hearing it. I was like what the fuck is this? (laughs)… So to keep it short, this is kind of how my passion for this culture started. I owe much to that radio station that fed us with great music till this millennium, almost I guess.

— Very exciting story! And how did you start DJing and promoting electronic music?
— My first approach for a decade was as a raver, a party boy, going to raves and just having good times, exploring, listening to music and dancing. It was just accidentally that I began DJing, to be honest. Brother of my girlfriend at the time had some vinyls and a pair of Gemini turntables at their home, where I started spinning and doing my first mixing. Before I realised, I bought myself a second hand Pioneer DJM 500 mixer, a pair of brand new Technics SL1200 and Sennheiser HD25 headphones. Following that path, my first local appearances behind the boot begun, where it all spread to where I am now. Playing at some clubs in the region, so far as Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina… Also been a part of some local festivals like ECO Festival, Sajeta Festival, Kanegra Beach Festival in Croatia, sharing stages with known international artists, which gave some edge to my performance. My most cherished gigs so far were on the Dimensions Festival, held in an old fortress in the beautiful Croatian town named Pula. I am more than thrilled, I will be playing there this year again. I’d secretly like to think, it’s not a coincidence that Kraftwerk will be performing at the festival’s opening concert there, in the town’s Roman amphitheater.
Somewhere in between all of that I launched my own brand A/D (Analogue/Digital). Organizing some small party’s to promote regional artists with it and also a podcasts series, where I promote and share mixes from locals and artists from across the globe. Recently trying to drag my ass to a studio to produce some music on my own, but till now I just couldn’t manage the time to get to that. That is my biggest wish right now, which I intend to realize in the forthcoming future. That’s it for as far as I go at the moment. Hope you will enjoy this mix of mine, made specially for Yoodj’s.

— Which of the present musicians and labels could you highlight among the others and why?
— Uh, this is really hard, there are so many… I’ll try. Most of all I like the ones that really stand out (for innovating and breaking the boundaries of music and sound). I’m exclusively talking based on my personal taste when I’m talking about this. To point out few names, than it would be labels like Science Fiction Recordings, L.I.E.S., Pinkman, Restoration Records, Murder Capital, Bio Rhythm, Clone, Hemlock Recordings, Central Processing Unit, Livity Sound, Gravitational Waves, Diagonal Records… As for the artists, there are for example, Mick Wills, Traxx, Gesloten Cirkel, Powell, Helena Hauff, Objekt, Hodge, Randomer, DJ Nephil, Blawan, Identified Patient, Shit & Shine, The Exaltics, Tzusing, Matias Aguayo, Alleged Witches, Not Waving… There is no end to this. Must say though, if you really ask me who stand out the most and quite some time now, is Lena Willikens. She is really something from some other dimension.

— Is it important for you, from which media to listen to? Is it necessarily with vinyl, or can it be with digital media? Do you collect vinyl?
— Not really important, most of all I listen to the radio (web), other than that it’s more or less in digital. I’m always into something so most of all don’t have time to change records. While when I mix I prefer vinyl it is a much fulfilling experience on all levels… Digital has its own good side, there is so much music on digital, that i can satisfy my inner black hole about my taste and all the music I can get. I buy a lot of vinyl, but I think I can’t really label myself as a collector, or am I, I don’t know. Have to buy a few more I guess.

— Does music help you in everyday life?
— Of course it does, 3/4 of my day I’m surrounded by music playing. I would probably die without music. Life’s just better with music.





Nick Klein – The party has been over
Sedvs – Ritual purity
Terrace – It’s out there
Do Or Die – Wills
Hinode – Untitled
DJ Nephil – Frid 17
Hinode – Untitled
O.Xander – Thru our veins
JP Enfant – Coronel
Third Side – Voyage to samothrace
Steinzeit – Wahrheit #2
Svreca & Voices from the lake – Between the lines
Crossing Avenue – Rimbalzo
Lucretio – Good words
Xenogears – First mission
Aubrey – Rodger dodger
Nobu – Spell
J.Tijn – Gut
Hodge & Randomer – Slipping (Kowton Rmx)
Unknown Artist – SSEN2008
Berk Offset – Anspieltipp
Terrace – Data tribe
Mark Hawkins – Dosmotreno