rtmc - special for yoodj's

rtmc – special for yoodj’s

— Tell us a little about yourself, and especially about your passion for electronic music. Do you do anything else besides it?
— My name is Reilly and I’m 27 year old techno DJ and producer within the Brooklyn, New York community. In recent years this area has become known for its twist on modern and classic electronic music appreciation, and 24 hour party sphere. Brooklyn is a very inspiring place to make music because of the depth of flavor that exists and it’s ability to incubate new ideas while housing legendary figures the same. There is a deep love that passes through the people within this scene that empowers us to consume these waves with ever-deepening appetites.
By day I work in fashion at a garment production agency and as a graphic designer.

— You have quite interesting tracks on Soundcloud, do you plan to organize them in release?
— I’m working on a number of things right now and would love to approach music with the intention of creating a story to be told through a more personal official release. At the moment I spend more time in exploration and constantly learning new techniques and more to love about the music. There are days when nothing pleases my ears but softer noise, while others I can only let in blasting bass sound, making it difficult to understand my ideas musically and how to function as an artist.

Listen to the premiere for YooDj’s:

— Please tell us about Cultivated Sound, are you still involved in this project?
— Cultivated Sound was a project I worked on for a few years that really empowered me and took me to so many different facets of this music. We were able to put together some dream line-ups and truly offer a voice to many artists getting their start, even sometimes breaking artists. I have so much love for everything I learned with that crew. At this point they have far outgrown my ability to help them further, so they are going to continue to grow without me.

— What are you currently working on and what are you planning in the near future?
— I have a new project Mini-Mall that I’m working on and will continue to learn and grow with it, but this time making sure that things are done exactly how my team feels is right. Musically straight up and down, without ego, and first and foremost taking the artist’s personal vision to its furthest expansion.

— What musicians and what labels can you highlight among others?
— I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing talent and talented management that have given me a true sense of how the music can not only be discovered, but well nurtured. Investment in each record from an artist is really not a small deal or slight expense. You’re really married to this persons art and ideas. I think that the ones who have managed to do this best are organizations like Lost Soul Enterprises, Vanity Press, Bunker, Mord, 1080p, Atypical Dopeness, Allergy Season, Public System Recordings, and many others that jump on legitimate talent and build artists.
Then there are labels that are a group of friends that collectively impact a community and eventually music enthusiasts that want to follow along. Labels like Exotic Dance Music, Proibito, All Caps, Natural Sciences, Not Safe For Wax, Strength Music, Always Human Tapes, and Sweat Equity.

— What are you listening to in the player?
— Currently I’m very impressed by those around me; namely One Child Policy, Peter Fondas latest release, Significant Other, Ronan always has powerful tunes, Mondays Off has done some beautiful releases, New York City Trax every release is what I want Friday through Monday, and so many other amazing people that a catch up with from time to time and just baste in their abilities.

— Do you collect vinyl or cassettes?
— I collect records when I can. I’m not constantly hunting but when I have a set I tend to search for inspiration in record stores.

— Does music help you in everyday life?
— These days I don’t really listen to music in passing. Meaning when I do listen to music it’s not in transit or just mindlessly booming all hours. I take my moments to hear things seriously. I sit and compress all of the information coming in in a real way. On the other hand I go to so many events and spend so much time with music centered people that I guess it really helps me to unwind. Just to be able to filter what enters my sound space rather than constantly having sound coming in and not knowing one source of stimulation from the next allows me to focus on what I want to hear.

— Do you think that “techno” is not just music, but a certain point of view?
— I do believe that techno stretches much further than just music itself. I don’t even believe that it’s one form of music because it can truly be every form of music. My experiences have lead me to believe that it’s more of a mode that you turn on and a lens you can see the world through. It’s an emotive set of ideas carried out in open or closed patterns that put you in sync with the rest of the people who turn on this feature in their lives. Your body will conform to the information input and become a tool of the collective techno body. You add your energy and the body feeds from that to help others to last longer and continue rising and falling as they can within the body. Techno has always provided what I needed whilst taking everything I have. You have to feed it to keep it going but it takes all of your love and all of your time if you let it.