Sella Turcica - Special for YooDj's

Sella Turcica – Special for YooDj’s

My name is Laura Martini and I am playing under the alias Sella Turcica. I am a member of Fast Forward Productions and BunkerBauer from Copenhagen.

I am Romanian, but I have relocated to Copenhagen some years ago. Initially I belonged to a dubstep and drum & bass scene, going frequently to all the events. I was not playing out during those years, but I was recording mixes at home for platforms on SoundCloud, an activity I found deeply fulfilling. Later, after a year of rethinking my musical direction, I was intrigued by a prosperous techno scene, a dedicated community which is still continuously expanding. I joined and within this scene I also started DJing regularly.

For me DJing is about telling stories through music, weaving sounds and feelings, transporting the listeners through various emotional waters. At first, a direction I took was dark, introspective and ethereal, which I love to go back to, even now, when I am DJing heavier more club-oriented music. There is a realm words don’t really help me define, but the music I sought brought me there. Perhaps Gustave Doré’s illustrations for Dante’s Inferno are a close visual representation, but with the demonic factor dampened. After a cathartic darker dive, I like to bring the listeners back to a soothing beautiful optimistic vibe.

When DJing at clubs I like to play many non 4/4 techno productions, with breakbeat influences and heavier bass, most probably a continuation of my previous taste in electronic music. In fact, I am preparing to start playing dnb again, with focus on dark and experimental (like Horo, Samurai Music Group, UVB-76 Music).

In the near future, I want to focus more on production. DJRUM is the greatest inspiration. His storytelling is otherworldly.