Vanya Limb - Special for YooDj's

Vanya Limb – Special for YooDj’s

— Hello! For more than three years have passed since our first conversation, I would like to learn how to change your perception of the world during this time. What became easier in the musical plan, and what on the contrary began to demand greater efforts.
— Hi, Nastya! In general, the changes have affected both the creative and philosophical aspects of my life. I began to take more and more into account discipline and self-control. As for the music – now I’m just at the stage that the simple elements in the tracks becomes less.

— What are you working on now and what are you planning in the near future?
— At that moment, the work on the next release is under way – namely the second full-length album. Since the release of the previous LP it’s been three years already and it’s important for me to show myself and others the current level of my musical abilities and searches. In total, the work on the album has been going on for more than a year. If we talk about the timing of readiness, then I can say with confidence that a full-fledged premiere is announced at the beginning of next year.

— In which cities and at what events did you perform in the last year and where else would you like to go?
— It was a great year. I marked again in Moscow, first played in St. Petersburg, Izhevsk, Ufa. There were a number of interesting local events. Of unexplored places I am now very attracted to Ekaterinburg and I would return to Samara and Nizhny Novgorod.

— Did you have an experience of cooperation with any artists?
— I would like to note the collaboration with the St. Petersburg electronics engineer and my good friend Futurexia. Despite the past two years, I still love this EP and sometimes I return to it. There were several participations in VA. I’m very happy to play music on different instruments in the art group «ВШЫ», but it’s a completely different music.

— How would you describe your music and what kind of sound do you always strive for?
— I would not say that my music belongs to any specific genres and styles. In the context of my work, I prefer the term “experimental”. Although this word also contains a wide range of meanings, how else to describe musical freedom? I think that one of the examples of music that resonates with me is represented in the attached mix. And a kind of “absolute” of my sound will be just the next LP. I noticed that I am coming back to what is most influenced me – ambient and modern classics.

— What artists and which labels would you recommend to listen to?
— Now I do not listen to as much music as I used to, but I can tell you: Vincent Gallo, Burial, William Basinski, Nils Frahm, John Cage, Niсolas Jaar and Brian Eno. If you are not familiar with any of the bands and artists, then I highly recommend it. The labels that are recently on my ear are Posh Isolation, Ascetic House, Sacred Bones Records and Gost Zvuk Records.

— Describe what is happening on the independent scene in Russia. What are the positive and negative sides do you see?
— You can observe the positive dynamics. More and more young people are beginning to share their creativity. Leading media are interested in new names and the demand for regional scenes is growing. The problems remain the same. Alexei Nikitin (Nocow) in his extensive interview on the Mixmag highlighted the most significant: the attitude towards artists, their communication with each other and the lack of music grounds.

— What do you do besides music?
— Periodically, I do movies and start to draw more and more. Also I have long been interested in video art, performative art and street art. In some positions I participate as an initiator, but somewhere as a participant of projects. There is a lot like that, I try to combine everything. In fact, with adequate allocation of time you can be incredibly productive.

— Does music help you in everyday life?
— Music, like any other kind of art gives me a lot. It is not always important to be involved in anything and sometimes it’s worth staying a spectator and letting something to pass through yourself. In the endless attraction of digital noise, it’s not always easy to find something worthy. We constantly absorb a variety of information and this can not be stopped.