Vâyu - Special for YooDj's

Vâyu – Special for YooDj’s

Good day, dear friends! Today our guest is French musician – Maxime Mouttet aka Vâyu.

— Hello Maxime,  tell us about the evolutionary history of Vâyu. How long have you been doing music under this alias?
— Hi! Vâyu is an alias inspired by Hindu mythology. I’ve been producing music under this name for 5 years.

— Share, please, who or what inspired you for recording the latest release Polarized Reflection?
— I was mainly inspired by feelings and landscapes I had in mind. I try to create a music that fit with these pictures. I also wanted to impose some technical constraints and explore new techniques. I think it’s a good way to discover new horizons, especially for an LP release!

— Do you have any favorite labels and musicians? What kind of music do you prefer to listen to in the player?
— I am mostly inspired by the Swedish and Italian scenes. Labels such as Prologue, Northern Electronics, Kabalion, Spazio Disponible or Outis also come to my mind.

— Do you have any experience of cooperation with artists?
— I’ve recently collaborated with a friend named Dorian Moist for the latest Enslavement’s VA. I’ve also just finished an EP with Italian producer Nicola Tinti, aka Winter in June. We are currently looking for a label to release this one.

— What are you working on now? Do you plan any more releases this year?
— Yeah! It will be a busy year! I’m working on a new EP for the NORITE family and another one, which will be more into ambient/drone textures, for the fresh Parisian label Otium!

— Do you use any hardware for making music other than a laptop?
— Not really. I love to produce with Ableton, use some plug-ins and field recordings but sometimes, friends bring me pieces of hardware and I always find a way to make it work ah ah!

— Is it important for you, from which media to listen to? Is it necessarily with vinyl, or can it be with digital media? Do you collect vinyl?
— Yes, of course I collect vinyls, but I also buy some tapes, CDs and digitals. No matter the format as long as I love the music 🙂

— How would you describe your music?
— It kind of reflects my own life and personality. Sometimes it would be dark atmospheres, at other times peaceful and lighting ambiances but I always try to keep a tribal touch. I see production as a kind of exorcism which allows you to channel some feelings and frustrations of your daily life.

— Have you ever been in the post-Soviet countries or would you like to visit it?
— No I’ve never been to Post-Soviet countries but I’d like to! You seem to have an extraordinary underground scene and some fantastic landscapes.